The original Flat Chenille Stitch

Welcome to the oficial website of the original Flat Chenille Stitch!

My name is Diána Balogh. I am a Hungarian beaded jewelry designer. I invented the Flat Chenille Pattern, and I named the pattern, which describes the design, or the technique ‘Flat Chenille Stitch’, because I wanted to express the visual similarity to the pattern of the rope created using the traditional Chenille Stitch. So the Flat Chenille pattern you know as “Flat Chenille Stitch” is the intellectual property of Diána Balogh, and is therefore copyrighted.

The original Flat Chenille Stitch developed by Diána Balogh
The first Flat Chenille Stitch design: the Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet

What is Flat Chenille Stitch?

I love and often use in my projects the chenille rope technique.

I was wondering, whether it’s possible to create a chenille net, with more chenille rows. As a result I created the flat chenille net with my own method in March 2015.

(Beadwork Magazin published one of my first Flat Chenille jewelry designs in October 2015.)

Flat chenille is a novel technique among the ones we use, because it significantly differs from the usual flat stitches, like the peyote, the RAW or the herringbone.

This is a very easy pattern, with an enchanted, delicate and beautiful result.

Contrary to its name, ‘Flat Chenille Stitch’ is NOT A STITCH, especially NOT A BASIC STITCH.

Basic stitches are repetitions of a single movement (e.g. straight – netting, wave – peyote, circular – brick, or figure eight – RAW). Contrary to this, the ‘Flat Chenille Stitch’ is a complex set, as it contains almost all thread-leading techniques. In reality it is a pattern by itself, to which I gave its name due to the visual similarity to the pattern of the rope created using the traditional chenille stitch.

The Flat Chenille Design defines the way of beading and the position and orientation of the beads relatively to each other, so changing the colours, sizes, or shape of the beads will not result a new design, neither will a different thread-leading.

How to do Flat Chenille Stitch

If you want to learn how to do Flat Chenille Stitch, you can begin with my first Flat Chenille Stitch bracelet tutorial.
I created this bracelet when I developed the Flat Chenille design.
I am going to create a video tutorial to show you how to do the Flat Chenille Stitch.

All tutorials on this website are Flat Chenille Stitch tutorials. I give you very detailed instructions to create the Flat Chenille Stitch in every tutorial.