Crash course in Copyright law – artisans’ edition

Crash course Copyright law, Flat Chenille Stitch copyrigth infringement

How I almost lost control over my intellectual property

I’d like to raise your attention to something, that might happen to your design, your intellectual property and your copyright, if you trust Interweave, or Golden Peak Media* with them. Please read this, even if beading is not your hobby/profession, because this can very well apply to all publications of Golden Peak Media (beading, jewellery making, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, patchwork, embroidery and fine arts as well), because we talk about the same publisher. My story is a lesson for everyone, the designers, who create DIY tutorials, and artisans/crafters who create art based on print or on-line media.

If you think you are involved into this, please get in touch so we can do something together to protect our copyrights. »

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Nadia Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet

Nadia Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet beading tutorial by Diána Balogh

Nadia is a Flat Chenille Stitch bracelet beading tutorial. I designed the Nadia Bracelet to match the Chenille Beaded Beads. Nadia is the perfect complement to these little beads. I created it in blue-green shades (like the Chenille Beaded Beads), but I absolutely recommend you try it in the delicate, elegant, harmonious creamy colours, if you like the low key jewelries for weekdays.

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