About me

I’ am Diána Balogh, a Hungarian beaded jewelry designer.

I am an artist since I was a little girl. Although I have created many novel and original (but equally useless) fashion designs (e.g. the paper high-heeled shoes, paper fake nails) when I was 6, I decided to not to study arts after finishing high school, instead I acquired BSc. degree in economics and became interior designer.

For years I designed kitchens, and I wrote a book and started a website about kitchen design as editor in chief. During these years I acquired new skills as I was working as graphic designer, and finally in 2013 I first met beaded jewelries, and this totally changed my life.

The beginning

I fell in love with beads as I completed the cross-stitch patterns called “Celtic Ladies” (desinged by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum), decorated with thousands of seed beads.
Soon after this I started to learn beading. I love to experiment and play with beads, so soon I finished my first own pendant, followed by many other beading patterns.

Beading is my hobby, my passion and from now my only job.

I create well understandable, easy to follow, high quality, very detailed beading tutorials. I “hold your hand” and lead you step by step through the whole process and support your beading with illustrations, phase photos and explanations of each step. I give an exact material list (in most cases with product ID’s) and specify the colours I used to create the jewelries.

I think, the way you reach your goal is just as important as the goal itself.

That is why I give you all the prerequisites in my tutorials to fully enjoy the moment of the beading. If beading is your hobby or your passion, you should experience the joy in the process as much as the final art.

I create in my 5th dimension

You can find the first three dimensions in the space surrounding you. The fourth dimension is the time.
I’m a beadworker, and for me exists another dimension: THE BEADING.
This is for me the FIFTH DIMENSION.
Although the four dimensions exists together, if I’m in my fifth dimension, space and the time ceases to exist for me. So I’m in a spaceless and timeless “state”, and this is CREATIVE BEADING.

This is the way, I reach my goal. And this is, what I want to show you and teach you through my tutorials: how you can find your 5th dimension.

The Flat Chenille Stitch

On this website I want to teach you, how to do Flat Chenille Stitch.