What is Flat Chenille Stitch?

I love and often use in my projects Geneviéve Liebaert’s Chenille Spiral.

I was wondering, whether it’s possible to create a chenille net, with more chenille rows. As a result I created the flat chenille net with my own method in March 2015.

(Beadwork Magazin published one of my first Flat Chenille jewelry designs in October 2015.)

Flat Chenille is a novel design among the ones we use. The result of the Flat Chenille Stitch differs significantly from the usual flat stitches, like the peyote, the RAW or the herringbone.

This is a very easy pattern, with an enchanted, delicate and beautiful result.

Contrary to its name, ‘Flat Chenille Stitch’ is NOT A STITCH, especially NOT A BASIC STITCH.

Basic stitches are repetitions of a single movement (e.g. straight – netting, wave – peyote, circular – brick, or figure eight – RAW). Contrary to this, the ‘Flat Chenille Stitch’ is a complex set, as it contains almost all thread-leading techniques. In reality it is a pattern by itself, to which I gave its name due to the visual similarity to the pattern of the rope created using the traditional chenille stitch.

The Flat Chenille Design defines the way of beading and the position and orientation of the beads relatively to each other, so changing the colours, sizes, or shape of the beads will not result a new design, neither will a different thread-leading.