How to do Flat Chenille Stitch

If you want to learn how to do Flat Chenille Stitch, you can begin with my first Flat Chenille Stitch bracelet tutorial.
I created this bracelet when I developed the Flat Chenille design.

Free Flat Chenille Stitch beading lessons

I created a Facebook page and a Facebook group for the Flat Chenille design.

Join the Flat Chenille Stitch Facebook group and learn the secrets of the Flat Chenille Design!

As a group member you can learn for free how to do Flat Chenille Stitch from me, the developer of the design.
In the teaching material I show you those points where you have to pay attention to the details.
You can post the photos of your finished Flat Chenille Stitch jewellery in this group and show us your beautiful creation.

You can overview the list of the teaching materials here >>

Video tutorial

I created a video tutorial for the Flat Chenille Stitch, if you prefer video tutorials.

This tutorial teaches you a new Flat Chenille Stitch bracelet, which I designed for the International Beading Week 2021 (IBW).

You can access the video tutorial through the entire IBW (from 24th July to the 1st August  [UK time]) for free at any times you wish.

You can learn from this lesson:

  • The story of the Chenille Spiral and its inventor,
  • Why I developed the Flat Chenille design,
  • How to do the Flat Chenille Stitch through the Geveviève bracelet,
  • How to end your thread, and add a new thread if you are working with the Flat Chenille design,
  • How to add the clasp to your bracelet.

The tutorial leads you step by step throughout the whole process with high quality sharp video footage, explanatory figures of each step, english narration and english subtitles but without any music. If you would like to listen to the music while beading, you can turn on your favourite music. If the narration is distributing, turn down the volume, and read the subtitles.

You can find the video tutorial and the material list here >>