Flat Chenille 101

An online worldwide event with Diána Balogh

This bracelet will be guaranteed one of your favourites: it is simple, delicate and elegant with tiny colourful accents.

I teach you in this video tutorial how to do the Flat Chenille stitch. I teach a new bracelet design, which I created for this year’s International Beading Week (IBW).

You don’t need any special beads, you can use seed beads from your beadstash!
Don’t worry, if you are an absolute beginner, I hold your hand and lead you step by step through the whole process.

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Nadia Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet

Nadia Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet beading tutorial by Diána Balogh

Nadia is a Flat Chenille Stitch bracelet beading tutorial. I designed the Nadia Bracelet to match the Chenille Beaded Beads. Nadia is the perfect complement to these little beads. I created it in blue-green shades (like the Chenille Beaded Beads), but I absolutely recommend you try it in the delicate, elegant, harmonious creamy colours, if you like the low key jewelries for weekdays.

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