Flat Chenille Stitch’s terms of use

Before you start to use the page, please read this document which describes how you can (and cannot) use the information on this site.

By using the website you agree on the following terms:

  • The Flat Chenille pattern (sometimes also referred to as Flat Chenille Stitch) is the intellectual property of Diana Balogh, and is copyrighted.
  • The Flat Chenille Stitch is NOT A STITCH, especially NOT A BASIC STITCH. It is a Design, and the Technique and the Tutorials on this Website are the expression of this Design.
  • The Flat Chenille Design defines the way of beading and the position and orientation of the beads relatively to each other, so changing the colours, sizes, or shape of the beads will not result a new design, neither will a different thread-leading.

The information available, or downloaded from this site can only be used with the following conditions:

  • If you use the Flat Chenille design, You must always include or give appropriate credits visibly: “Designed by Diána Balogh” or “Design: flatchenillestitch.com” or substantially equivalent language.
  • You must remember that these rights and restrictions are valid even if you plan to teach or distribute goods for free.
  • The content and the designs displayed on this website are copyrighted. It is prohibited to copy, distribute physically or electronically, reporoduce, lend, sell, print in large quantities (e.g. with intention to distribute), publish, re-publish, license, plagiarise, translate or use in any way not defined below – neither completely as parts of it – without the specific written consent of Diána Balogh.
  • You may not modify the design displayed on the website or produce any derivative work without the specific written consent of Diána Balogh.
  • You may not use the content or designs on this website, including the derivative work of that design commercially.
  • The design, the content and the derivative works from the displayed design
    • may not be taught (in person, electronically, on-line, in writing)
    • can not be published in books, magazines, on-line (such as on the Internet) or any other currently known or not known method, neither complete or in parts, including the footage or phase photos taken during the creation on the design, the illustrations and the description of the procedure.
  • You may not use any of the above mentioned materials or parts of them to create new or derivative beading patterns or beading tutorials, even if the illustrations/photos/description are re-created (i.e. not copied).
  • Sharing unaltered original photos from this site using social media is allowed only, if the source of the photo is credited visibly, and a link to https://flatchenillestitch.com is placed in the description/blog post. You should always give credit to the creator (designed by Diana Balogh).
  • You can not mask, crop or remove/alter the copyright elements on the pictures (e.g. logo, watermark) or text (copyright notice)
  • Teaching licenses are available on request.